Love, War and Inebriation!

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 Band Members:    

 Bill Masino

 Kathleen Masino

Jesse Linder

3 Pints Gone perform their Celtic traditional-style folk songs at bars, Celtic fairs and Renaissance festivals around the United States.  Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements.  They entertain by telling stories through the songs that leave the audience feeling like old friends.  They have recorded much during time called
3 Pints Gone
and also their 10 years as Wild Mountain Thyme, click here for examples of their music.

Traveling Back in Time:

In June of 2009 3 Pints Gone began recording the new CD Home Brew.  Kathleen is currently working on the enhanced files which should appear here on the website shortly after the release.

Jesse Linder joined 3 Pints Gone in March of 2009.  While performing at the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival in May-June of 2009.  Our friends: Vince Conaway played hammered dalcimer with us almost every morning; Matt Lenger played bodhran with us most days; and Richard Miller (Currently playing with James and Jon in Waterstreet Bridge) sat in and played bodhran with us for the weekend.

James Kuehl was an important member and guitar player for 3 Pints Gone from 2003 until Oct. 2008.

2007 was the release of Auld Lang Syne

2006 was the release of an all sea shanty and sea song CD There Is a Ship.

2005 was a great year.  Well, the old Of Moose and Men CD is outdated now.  The 2005 recording project allowed up to pick our favorites from the CD and record them again, live.  So One More Round features some of those songs, and a guest performance by Randy Adams on "Whiskey Was My First."

Health the Company  CD release party was a big success March 6th 2004 at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center in Milwaukee, WI.  Not only is the new CD superb, but 3 Pints Gone were interview for the local newspaper.  Guitar player James Kuehl is a perfect fit.  As a special treat, Michi Regier, who played an excellent violin/gypsy fiddle on the CD, and Paul Vnuk Jr., who played percussion on the CD,  joined the trio on stage that night. 

James Kuehl has been a personal friend of Bill's since High School (The Dark Ages)  They performed together for many year in the Celtic Renaissance Consort.  We have big plans for James in the futures as
3 Pints Gone rehearse for the 2004 season and to go into the studio and record a 2004 CD.

Performer "stunt" guitar player Liam Riggs steps in to perform every-other show and most of the KCRF 2003 season as Randy retires from the group to spend more time with his three children.  Liam just itches to start his own band in the future as new guitar player and singer James Kuehl starts working with the band.  

In the Fall of 2001 they also hired "stunt" guitar player Randy Adams  and full-time for the 2002 season.    Randy added his rich guitar style giving fuller arrangements to some of the old favorites.  He loves a good beer and a bubble bath (grin).  He has some drinking songs that are real catchy and a few new adult verses to the Moose Song.  Kathleen likes to say that they perform songs about Love, War and Inebriation!

As a special treat, in 2001 Steve Starks started sitting in with the band at KCRF and special occasions on bodhran.  His personality and powerful drumming adds extra momentum to the sea shanties and war songs. Also at KCRF you may hear, or rather feel, the low bass voice of Mike McCauley.  Kathleen loves having a "real" man to sing with instead of all of those tenors.  Sometime she swears that the stage shakes with the vibration of Mike's low rumble.

In the Fall of 2000 Bill & Kathleen changed the group name to 3 Pints Gone and hired finger-style singer-song writer Colin O'Brien.  He joined them for a season and played on their CD, The Beaches of St. Valery

Quotes from our Fans:

Kathleen McCormick, Milwaukee, WI  July 12, 1998 
Comments: "I think you guys are wonderful. A lot of fun and have beautiful voices. I will listen to you again and again. Thanks!"

Jan Zimmerman, Watertown, WI, August 26, 1998
Comments: "I really enjoy your music and shows. One can tell that you enjoy your work and you bring others the same enjoyment. Thank you for the fun that you have brought to me and my family."

Sandy and Todd Weimtkamp, St. Peters, MO, May 2003
Comments: "
My husband and I have been to Ren Faire in St. Louis four times this year and every time we have to listen to you guys. Tomorrow is the last day of faire and we will hear you one more time. We bought all your CD's and have enjoyed listening to the music. Keep up the great work. I just wish we could hear you more often. Your music is wonderful to listen to and you put on a good show."

Rich, Lombard, IL, August 2003
Comments: "Just wanted to say how I enjoyed seeing you at Irish Fest this past Saturday.  I have 2 of your CDs in the car and enjoy them a lot. Never had seen you perform live though until the Fest, was so glad I went, am looking forward to the next chance I have to see you."


Just like fine wine, they only get better with age. Click here for 3PG's music on CD's.

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